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Wet Stock Management

Exstream Energy Solutions Ltd is a unique company providing Wetstock management and petroleum loss prevention services to the petrol retail industry. We also identify equipment faults anywhere in your petrol station and carry out any necessary repairs.

We deliver world class service monitoring several petrol stations in Kenya with an aim to improve petrol stations gross margins and reduce the losses experienced at your station.

Wet Stock Management

Wet stock management is the process that a petrol station would use to keep accurate control of the purchase and sales of all fuel delivered and dispensed on their site. Proper wet Stock management is vital in the day to day operations of a Retail Service Station or any fuel storage facility. It is crucial to the early detection of potential problems such as leaks, fuel losses and poor operational management of product.

Unfortunately most petrol stations do not carry out proper or accurate wetstock management practices and end up with very high fuel losses. Our goal is to help the owners of such stations by showing them and their staff, the correct way of doing wetstock management – Wetstock Reconciliation and in the process eliminate and reduce the high losses they incur.

The need for consistent and accurate monitoring of the fuel delivered, stored and dispensed at any petrol station in order to detect leaks and losses from each underground tank and connected pipeline system, is essential.

Features & Benefits

• Increased profits and margins

• Control over-dispensing meters

• Stop fuel theft and fraud
• Sales data analysis and reporting

• Reduce fuel loss and operational costs

• Consultancy & Training for your staff
• Quick repair of malfunctioning equipment

• Detect fuel losses from leaks,short deliveries, evaporation & other sources.

• Monitor your fuel transport from the depot to the station

What We Offer

Wet Stock Management
Wet Stock Management

Proper wet Stock management enables the early detection of potential problems such as leaks, fuel losses and poor operational management practices.

Pump & Metre Calibration

Each fuel nozzle is checked for accuracy and flow rate.Our technicians are certified by Kenya Weights & Measures to perform pump verification using calibrated equipment.

Fuel Theft Prevention

If you are experiencing theft of your product, we will help you identify the problem and give you solutions to prevent this from happening again.

Forecourt Maintenance & Repair

We check on your equipment and carry out any needed repairs such as servicing of breathers and replacement of blocked filters on your pumps.

Storage Tank Calibration

How accurate is your storage tank calibration? We do tank calibration to ensure your tanks have the correct measurements to avoid fuel losses and increase the accuracy of your dipping.

Staff Training

We train your staff on the right way to do wet stock management so that they can know how to keep accurate data and use that data to detect major losses.

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