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Wet Stock Management

We are a leading provider of top-rated Fuel Tank Calibration Services in Kenya, ensuring precise measurements for the petroleum industry and users of petroleum products. In addition to our calibration expertise, we offer a complete suite of solutions including dispensing pumps, fuel storage tanks, and petroleum loss prevention services.

Wet Stock Management

Wet stock management is the process that a petrol station would use to keep track of the purchase and sales of all fuel delivered and dispensed on their site. Proper wet Stock management is important  in the day to day operations of a Retail Service Station or any fuel storage facility. It is crucial to the early detection of potential problems such as leaks, fuel losses and poor operational management of product.

Experiencing high fuel losses at your petrol station can be a major concern. Unfortunately, fuel theft can occur at various points, from before delivery to your tanks to after dispensing to customers. This leads to significant financial losses for Kenyan petrol station owners.

At Exstream Energy, our expertise lies in Fuel Tank Calibration Services in Kenya. As leading Tank Calibration Specialists in Kenya, we can help you and your staff implement a system for accurate fuel tracking, right from the source. This will empower you to identify and eliminate fuel losses plaguing your station.

By incorporating consistent and accurate monitoring of fuel delivered, stored, and dispensed, we can pinpoint leaks and losses within your underground tanks and connected pipeline systems. Our Fuel Tank Calibration Services in Kenya are essential for any petrol station owner seeking to regain control of their fuel inventory and put a stop to excessive losses.

Features & Benefits

• Increased profits and margins

• Control over-dispensing meters

• Stop fuel theft and fraud
• Sales data analysis and reporting

• Reduce fuel loss and operational costs

• Consultancy & Training for your staff
• Quick repair of malfunctioning equipment

• Detect fuel losses from leaks,short deliveries, evaporation & other sources.

• Monitor your fuel transport from the depot to the station

What We Offer

Wet Stock Management
Wet Stock Management

Proper wet Stock management helps prevent loss of fuel and enables the early detection of potential problems such as leaks, fuel losses and poor operational management practices.

Forecourt Maintenance & Repair

We check on your equipment and carry out any needed repairs such as servicing of breathers and replacement of blocked filters on your pumps.

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Storage Oil Tank Calibration Services

Concerned about inaccurate fuel tank measurements leading to fuel loss? Exstream Energy offers trusted fuel Tank Calibration Services in Kenya to ensure your tanks have the correct capacity. This not only prevents fuel loss but also increases the accuracy of your tank dipping, giving you complete confidence in your inventory levels.

Pump & Metre Calibration

Each fuel nozzle is checked for accuracy and flow rate.Our technicians are certified by Kenya Weights & Measures to perform pump verification using calibrated equipment.

Dispensing Pump

Looking for reliable fuel dispenser pumps for sale in Kenya? Exstream Energy is your one-stop shop for high-quality, competitively priced fuel dispensers in Kenya. We offer a wide range of options, from single nozzle pumps to dual and twin nozzle configurations that dispense multiple fuels, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your station.

Staff Training

We train your staff on the right way to do wet stock management so that they can know how to keep accurate data and use that data to detect major losses.

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