For a period of at least two months, we will dedicate a team to monitor your site operations,

Our analysts will conduct a site survey; ask any necessary questions to capture the least likely causes of the losses; open an investigation; perform follow-up diagnostics and systematically guide the site through the steps to reduce the high losses being experienced at the station.

Our analysts use accredited systems to deliver world class leak detection, equipment diagnostics, pump calibration check and meter drift monitoring, as well as in-tank alarm reporting, loss investigation management and environmental compliance monitoring.

We will carry out a site inspection, do pump measure checks, highlight drifting meters, perform calibration of meters and tanks if necessary and carry out a risk assessment of your retail petrol station.

In some stations depending on the challenges that are being experienced, we may carry out our services for a month but if there are serious problems we continue until the issues are sorted out usually for a period of two to three months. This is agreed upon after being discussed with the customer and the cost will be cheaper in the subsequent months.


The EXSTREAM ENERGY SOLUTIONS Wet Stock Management system provides key management analysis and reporting to prevent losses and maximize your profits by giving you a daily/weekly snapshot of  statistics on your tanks. No more month end surprises. You get immediate visibility into issues before they drain your profits.

Fuel loss is identified in terms of time and probable reason. We process data you provide in electronic format daily, analyze all variables (sales, product levels and deliveries) and identify fuel losses that require immediate attention based on our proven trend analysis:

Once you experience what we can offer, you’ll see why we lead the industry in providing solutions to your fuel tank management and compliance issues. We have earned a solid reputation, within the petroleum industry, for meeting customer needs and delivering high quality services.