“I didn’t believe that Exstream Energy could do it.Dealers are used to having high fuel losses and this has actually become the norm for every one but they proved me wrong in just one month.Don’t let losses reduce your profits,call them today.” 

Dealer, Delta Station

“I was experiencing high losses of  over 2.0% on PMS and Exstream Energy,was able to bring the loss down to 0.5% in two months.” 

Dealer, Engen Station

“Chances are you are giving away fuel each time a customer refuels their vehicle, and it is adding up to considerable profit losses.

Up until now, fuel retailers have viewed these significant costs as a necessary business expense because there was little that could be done about them. Now, you no longer have to tolerate fuel loss and slow flow rates as an unavoidable problem. Don’t Sacrifice Your Profits to Fuel losses” 

Operation Manager eXstream energy

“The cost of using eXSTREAM ENERGY SOLUTION services is very quickly recovered because they’re able to identify losses that we didn’t know we had.” 

Kobil Petrol Station

“EXSTREAM ENERGY SOLUTION ensures potential losses are spotted before they become problematic.

We save clients thousands of litres of fuel per annum by carefully analyzing accurate wetstock data to increase efficiencies across all areas of operations.”

Business Development Manager, Exstream Energy Solutions