Extream Energy: Your Complete LPG Tank Servicing Partner in Kenya

Extream Energy: Your Complete LPG Tank Servicing Partner in Kenya

At Extream Energy, we understand the importance of safe and reliable LPG storage and transportation. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of LPG tank servicing solutions in Kenya to keep your equipment operating at peak performance.

On-Site LPG Tank Servicing in Kenya

Our experienced technicians can visit your location and perform a complete inspection of your LPG tanks. This includes:

  • Visual inspection: We’ll thoroughly examine your tanks for any signs of wear, tear, or damage.
  • Valve and gauge check: We’ll ensure your valves and gauges are functioning properly and calibrated for accurate readings.
  • Detailed report: You’ll receive a detailed report outlining the condition of your tanks and any recommendations for further action.

Predictive LPG Tanks Maintenance with Corrosion Mapping and Hydrotesting

Preventative maintenance is key to extending the life of your LPG equipment. We offer two crucial services to identify potential issues before they escalate:

  • Corrosion mapping: Utilizing advanced technology, we can map any areas susceptible to corrosion within your tanks and LPG trucks. This allows for early detection and repair, preventing costly breakdowns and ensuring continued safety.
  • Hydrotesting: This non-destructive pressure test evaluates the strength and integrity of your LPG tanks and trucks. Addressing any weaknesses identified during hydrotesting minimizes the risk of leaks or ruptures.

Optimizing Your LPG Operations

In addition to LPG tank servicing, Extream Energy can also assist you with:

  • LPG truck calibration: We ensure your truck’s metering system is accurate to prevent overfilling or underfilling during deliveries.
  • LPG truck servicing: Our team offers comprehensive servicing of your LPG trucks, including maintenance and repairs of all critical components.

Peace of Mind with Extream Energy

By partnering with Extream Energy for your LPG tank servicing in Kenya needs, you can enjoy:

  • Enhanced safety: Regular inspection, testing, and LPG tank maintenance minimize the risk of accidents and ensure safe LPG storage and transportation.
  • Maximized equipment lifespan: Proactive LPG tank maintenance extends the life of your LPG tanks and trucks, saving you money on replacements.
  • Improved operational efficiency: Streamlined maintenance schedules and accurate calibrations keep your operations running smoothly.

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